Sunday, April 19, 2009

A New World Record

For me that is. I ran 10 miles today which is the farthest I've ever run. My last long run was 9 miles. The time was pathetic so I won't embarrass myself. I also goofed. I started at 9:30am and it was already about 78 degrees and by the time I finished it was 85 so I was sweating my arse off. I also didn't mix any electrolyte drink into my water bottle because I didn't have any so as I was leaving I poured about a teaspoon of table salt into my bottle and shook it up. I got the idea after reading a post on Kevin's 5ksandcabernets blog about eating salt packets during long runs. I don't know if it worked or not, but thanks anyway Kevin! There's a great path that runs along the San Gabriel River (it's a concrete aquaduct just like the L.A. River) along the 605 freeway all the way down to the ocean and there are several parks along the way so the scenery wasn't too bad. As you get to the end of the aquaduct it dumps into an ocean inlet. This is important because from there on and back it smells like the ass end of a dead rhinoceros or as my dad is fond of saying, the south end of a northbound horse. Along the way there's also the opportunity to chat with the local bums living under the underpasses. Colorful to be sure. The last mile was pretty rough as my stride became a shuffle, but overall a great experience. On the way home I chuged a bottle of G* and then fixed myself 3 fish tacos and a Michelob Ultra. Sweet. Hey, I work hard to take care of this girlish figure.

*For those of you too unhip to be in the know, "G" is the re-branding Gatorade gave itself. Twitter has take over our vocabulary. Lame. Peace out, G.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why am I slow?

Why do I do this? I'm a fast, quick man with dexterity to spare. Quick action sports like soccer and skiing (water and snow) and track. These are my sports. Hand eye coordination combined with sprinting are my strengths. So why do I run these long races? I like to stay in shape. It's a world view. I work out every other day and I run every day. I train for races. And I'm slow. What the hell? It's very tough for me to deal with this. Kristen is f-ing amazing at running. Great speed and endurance. Freakish actually. I don't know anyone like her with her determination and ability. What a lot of people spend time training and stressing over she seems to be able to do naturally. Which is why she is EXACTLY the opposite of me when it comes to athletics. We are two people built and designed for completely different sports. But I like running. And it's killing me that I can't run distance the way I can play other sports. I love it, but hate it. My ego is killing me. What to do? What to do...?