Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Up the cuts

Okay, after having about the 12th person tell me I look too skinny (several even used words such as "unhealthy" and "gaunt") I am kicking my weight gaining weight training into high gear. Lots of food all day with plenty of Cytogainer shakes. I was at 152 when I started training, ran the race at 140 and am currently at 148. My goal is 160. Not sure how long that'll take, but I can't have the wifey saying my skinniness is "not sexy" anymore. I agree with her btw. My biggest hurdle? Running. 5k and 10k's is one thing, but half marathon training puts my mileage for the week over 20 on average. This is gonna be tough.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Petit Verdot

Michael/David winery in Lodi has some of the best wines I've tasted that come from California. I know I know. Lodi? Huh? It's up by Stockton. They have a ton of wineries and I have yet to go to one that has been pretentious in any way. That's a huge plus. Anyway, Kristen and I opened up a bottle of their 2005 Petit Verdot. They call it "Inkblot". Amazing. Rich, fruit forward, but not dessert wine sweet, lots of vanilla and bing cherries, smooth finish, not a lot of tannin. The real bummer, which I just discovered, is that they no longer sell this wine and it's extremely hard to find a bottle anywhere. That's too bad. So, if you happen to see a bottle of this somewhere, GRAB IT! You won't regret it.