Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving '09

Ran the Long Beach Turkey Trot on Thursday and scored a PR! 54:03 for a 10k. Okay, nothing great, but it's 23 seconds faster than my previous. Kristen thought I was going to break 50 minutes, but I didn't. However, I did think I would have knocked it down to at least something in the 53 minute area. She asked if I try hard enough. You know, right now my philosophy is that it's only worth it ("it" being running) as long as it's fun. If training becomes a chore (as it did during the buildup to the LB marathon) and I push really, really hard to the point where I'm miserable, then I'll lose interest. Well, sort of. I guess if getting a PR is the be all end all then that would make running annoying. So, in the end, I cut 23 seconds off my last 10k time and I enjoyed the run while always being in that "slightly uncomfortable" mode. When I PR'd my 5k time last February I remember running the race in a "really, really uncomfortable" mode and as a result I knocked about 4 minutes off my previous time. That's okay for a 5k, but 6.2 miles of that...well, not right now. Right now I'm content to gradually lower my times. It gradually gets easier to run better times without the training and the actual race being something to dread. Then again, maybe I'm just a slacker.

Our running club, AREC, has a new trail running training program going on right now that is preparing people for the Catalina Half and full Marathons coming up in the winter. You don't have to be running the race to participate in the training runs so it's a nice change of pace to hit the hills occasionally on Saturdays. I'm hoping the extra effort will pay off during my half marathon in Huntington Beach in February and Kristen's full marathon. And speaking of Kristen's marathon, we just found out that the 2010 Boston Marathon is already sold out so she won't be able to run it. Bummer, but I guess you have 2 years from the day you qualify to run it so she'll give it a shot in 2011.

Well, I'm off for my long run.


  1. I hear ya dude. Running should be about having fun first and foremost. Otherwise, what's the point of having a hobby? I doubt either one of us will be qualifying for the Olympics any time soon. Great job on the 10K PR.

    Speaking of having fun, trail running's awesome and much more forgiving on the joints. Have a great time out there.

    And bummer about Boston. It's crazy how fast it filled.

  2. I ran the Long beach Turkey trot 7:30-was that the time you picked? maybe one day i'll get the chance to meet you guys!

    If you are training trails, you'll probably be running Ocean Trails in Pedro/Palos verdes. Those are the trails I run with my dog alot! If you see a girl with a red cattle dog-that's me! Say hello!

  3. Are you running the Lkwd Mug Run in March?

  4. @ Southbay Girl - I read your post and saw that you ran at 7:30. You were smart to. It was hotter than hell by 8:30. We run trails all over actually, but we've definitely done the PV trails. I'll keep an eye out for you and your little buddy.

    @AJG..whatever! We ran the Mug Run last March and it rained like crazy. But it was cool because it's right by our house so yeah, we'll probably run it again just cuz it's too close to ignore. What about you? Oh, and thanks for reading!

  5. @ Billy - thanks dude. I'm bummed about Boston cuz I was hoping to hook up with you and Sara. Maybe next time.