Monday, January 4, 2010

Montreal 2009

Kristen and I hit Montreal for a quick vacation after Xmas this year. It's a great city. Metro. Underground city. Lots of old architecture mixed in with the new and the people are extremely friendly. And it truly is French. We thought it might be more "French" themed, but no no. It's like being in France without having to cross the pond. Nice. We ran on the hotel dreadmills every day and then walked around the city (in 0 degree weather btw) stopping occasionally to shop and drink some vino. Good times. Now, back to reality.


  1. Either those are uber-magnum bottles of vino, or you are a tiny, tiny man.

    Haha...good times Mike!

  2. i bet it was a fantastic trip!!! And had great wine!!

    Surf City meet up is in the works!!! you guys will have to join us!

  3. @ Billy - Even empty they were heavy.

    @ Southbaygirl - Definitely let us know the details when you can!