Monday, May 25, 2009

LA Marathon

Nope. Didn't run it. Just watched it on TV. My friends Billy and Blair ran it though so big props to them for that accomplishment. No, I just sat in amazement at how fast the elites run. They actually RUN. I jog, apparently. Oh well. I ran a 10 miler yesterday so today it was just a recovery run and weight lifting. There's a 10k in Long Beach coming up in June that I'm going to run. And now it looks like I might, I just might run a half marathon in San Diego in August. That'll be my prep for the half marathon in Long Beach in October. Kristen is going to run the half in SD as well to prepare her for the marathon in LB. As usual, we'll squeeze in the Boot Camp Challenge in San Diego at the end of September. It's a great race. If anybody wants to join us let me know. It'll be a great weekend in SD.


  1. wasn't it amazing to watch the elites RUN! I feel like I walk in comparison! Inspiring...not that I will ever run that fast-but I guess I can dream about being a Kenyon or an Ethiopian runner in my dreams!

  2. It really is incredible. It made me want to go out and just start running. Of course, I have superior will power so I stopped myself. I had a car to wash.

  3. I saw a replay of the broadcast. Those Kenyans/Ethopians are amazing. You really see it on the side shots when the background just turns into a blur.

    Let's see you out there next year!