Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am totally falling behind on the blog here. After Rome I've been playing catch up with a bunch of other work and life related stuff that I haven't been able to post anything about our trip or the vino. But it will be coming soon.

On the running front, Kristen is finally able to run again. She was using the Precor to limit the impact on her foot, but apparently (against my advice) she ran two miles on the treadmill yesterday to see how her foot felt. Apparently everything is A-Okay so she's going to take it slow and get back into her routine. I just picked up a new pair of Asics Cumulus 10's and am in the process of breaking those in. Jury is still out. My other shoes were a bit stiffer so the toe-off was springier. These shoes have more rocker on the nose so it's requiring me to re-learn to run in a small way. I ran 4 miles today and my legs felt better than they have in the past few runs so hopefully that means the shoes are breaking in nicely and I'm already getting used to them. Anyhoo, I'll be back soon with the Roma trip report.

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  1. Great news about Kristen man. But yeah, tell her to take is very easy on her road to recovery lest she risk another injury.

    And let's that Rome report!