Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lakewood Mug Run

Kristen and I did the Lakewood Mug Run for the second time last weekend. It was great weather this year (last year it was miserably rainy) although I didn't run any faster than last time. Apparently last year I was 3rd in my age group but didn't stick around for the results because of the rain. I only found this fact out when I was looking for my results a week before the race. WIth that information in mind I was hopeful that I would place again this year. As we all know, its not really about how fast you run, but who else shows up (and how fast they are). Results were posted late into the week and it looks like I was 5th in my age group. The day, however, wasn't lost since my lovely wife took home a first place medal for her age group. An interesting thing about this race is the naming for the different age groups. 0-19 is called "junior", 20-29 is called "open", and 30-34 is called "Senior A" and 35-39 is called "Senior B", 40-44 is "Master A", 45-49 is "Master B", 50-54 is "Grand Master A" and 55-dead is called "Grand Master B". Kristen didn't like being called a Senior and when her age group (Senior A) was called and her name announced as first place she didn't understand and thought she had written her age incorrectly on the entry form.

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