Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Big Buildup

The HB Surf City Marathon is this weekend. I'm only doing the 5k and Kristen is doing the Half. It's sold out completely for each event. 10's of thousands of people packing the streets of Huntington Beach. Luckily this year the weather is going to be sunny and clear. Last year it just dumped rain on us and the wind was freezing!

These huge races always make me uptight. Just waiting for a race to start is one thing, but when you pack in that many people I have a hard time setting my initial pace because I spend most of the time dodging other people. I'm going to have to fight my way to the front this time I guess. I know it's only a 5k, but I really want to bring in a respectable time. I figure I'll reward myself with a few beers during the Super Bowl. Go 49ers! Oh, wait. Wrong year. Arizona Cardinals? WTF?! I miss the 80's and 90's.

Kristen, of course, is going to be installing new base cabinets in a friend's kitchen she's re-designing.


  1. Good Luck at the race. I had started training after a 10year hiatus and even quit smoking but strained my calf this past weekend (it really sucks getting old)so I am on the shelf again. Plus I don't want to be humbled by Kristen and recalling the days when I used to not have to worry about a girl beating me! Bella and I might come down to the race though just to cheer people on. Mike, one way to mitigate the pack...stick to the outside, push and elbow! Farting helps too...

  2. Thanks for the advice Steven. I'll make sure to load up on beans the night before! Good luck with your recovery.