Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mid-Century Modern Ankle Bitter

So there I am, charging up the trail as best I can. The sun is setting, I have a beautiful view of Palm Springs from on high, Kristen is what appears to be a quarter of a mile ahead of me and all of a sudden a RATTLESNAKE BITES ME! Okay, it wasn't really a rattlesnake. As I came over the rise of a hill, I felt a shooting pain at my ankle. Kristen was out of sight by the time I hit the ground so I dragged myself to a rock and waited. Eventually she came back and I hobbled back down the mountain. By the time we got to our condo all was back to normal. I didn't step on a stray loose rock or twist my ankle. It just decided to have a spasm to let me know that enough was enough. Kinda scary. I've had a little bicepital tendonitis before and a little tendonitis in my left elbow, but this stopped me in my tracks in a big way. I have three races in February and I was terrified I was down for the count. I was lucky...this time.

So as an active day of rest on the following day, Kristen and I did an architectural tour of the mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs on our mountain bikes. So, all we have to do is win the lottery and we can scoop up a good handful of historic homes for sale and we'll have it made in the shade.

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  1. Thanks for stoppin' by the Slow White Guy. But seriously, your wife is kicking your ass! My suggestion is to buy her a big piece of cheesecake just prior to the next run. This should slow her down a bit.
    Hope your snake-bite gets better.