Friday, January 23, 2009

Somethin's a brewin'

Mr. Beer home brewing kit. This is what my wife's dad gave me as a gift a couple of years ago. If you have any interest at all, even an inkling, you should get yourself one of these little kits just to see what's what. It's pretty simple and you're just making somebody else's recipe. There are a few variables that you have control over such as how long to let the beer ferment, how long you age it after you bottle it and how long you lager it (keep it in the fridge before consumption). I've since made a few batches and am hooked. Recently I upgraded to a much more elaborate 5 gallon system that will give me a lot more control over the brew. The next step after this would be the "all grain" brew which gives you complete control over the entire recipe. Anyway, I tasted my latest Mr. Beer brew (Pale Ale) and I think I didn't let it ferment long enough. The little yeasties didn't devour everything in the fermenter. The beer has a light green apple smell and taste now. My buddy Dan liked it, but that's what best friends are for. They tell you "good job" even when you screw the pooch. Oh well.

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  1. Love the title of your blog. Will stop by from time to time.