Sunday, February 8, 2009

No more 5k's

I decided yesterday after the race that I don't want to do anymore 5k's for quite awhile. I posted a PR 5k time last week in Huntington Beach and I figure that the only way to really knock that 24:28 time down to 20 or 21 minutes is to train hard for 10k's and half's. I figure a year of training for longer runs will put me in great shape to run a killer 5k. What do you guys think?


  1. I'll echo your sentiments and agree that you should try training for longer distances. Not only will it get you faster, but they'll be more satisfying.

    Never been a huge fan of the 5K...but that could just be because I'm not fast or good at 'em!

  2. 1/2 marathons just delay being able to drink beer they hurt like hell if you run them well. The pain of a 5k is short and it does not take you days to recover (especially at your age)

  3. You're right about the recovery time, Steve. I haven't taken a day off from running or cross training or lifting weights in weeks and this morning I woke up and my whole body was bitching at me. Nothing a little coffee and Advil can't cure though, but still. I'm glad I don't have a race this weekend.

    Thanks for the advice Burger. I think ultimately I'd like to compete in triathlons. I guess I'll just have to down the Advil with beer so I can have my cake and eat it too!