Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pouring rain and nipple rash

Ran the Lakewood Mug Run 5k today in the pouring rain. The starting line was walking distance from our house so we couldn't not run just because of the rain. It wasn't miserable. Cold, yes, but no wind so it was an experience. I fell off in my third mile by about 60 seconds so I don't know what happened there. My shoe lace came untied during the last mile and I probably weighed a little more with the soaked clothes, but 60 seconds is a lot. I must have subconsciously told myself not to push too hard. I also had no idea where the finish line was until about 100 yards out so I couldn't anticipate it earlier and kick in harder. Oh well. It was still a good workout. I also got a little nipple rash on this one so I got that going for me, which is nice. At least I beat the 10 year old kid that was trying to pass me in the 3rd mile. I tried to drift over and force him into traffic, but thought that might screw up my time too much so I just shoved him into the grass instead. Hey, it's dog eat dog out there. Better he learns at a young age.

Kristen ran the 10k and got first place again, of course. When she came through they said her time was 41 and change, but the "official" time was 42 something so I think they screwed up. Oh well. This was just for fun since it was in our 'hood.

Now...onto the wine.


  1. I was a little concerned about the nipple rash but now I see it's karma due to throwing children. :)

  2. Two large band-aids will fix those nipples right up in a wet race. I don't do any wet/cold runs without covering up the headlights beforehand. Just don't put band-aids over hair. Hurts like a mother comin' off. Nice job on the kid.

  3. Hi Ivy! Thanks for dropping by The Finish Line. And I didn't throw so much as nudge. HA!