Monday, March 2, 2009

The Kristen Report

A quick update on Kristen's foot. Last Sunday she started the Los Alamitos Race on the Base, but just over a mile she injured her right foot. X-rays didn't show any signs of a break, but that doesn't preclude a hairline fracture so she's going to get an MRI this week to get to the bottom of this thing. She continues to use the Precor or cycle (against my suggestion, but since when do husbands and wives listen to each other?!), but after a session yesterday she was really hurting. The swelling has gone down and now it looks like the injury is located on the top of the foot right at the middle two toes. She's optimistic, but hates not being able to run. She's signed up for the Seal Beach 10k (I signed us up before she injured her foot) and hopes to be recovered by race day, April 4th. Unfortunately she had to bail on the Toyota Desert Triathlon that is happening this upcoming Sunday. She's really bummed, but what can you do? We're keeping our fingers crossed.


  1. Fingers crossed here too that it's nothing too serious. Tell her to be smart with it in the meantime.

    As an aside, I've been thinking about Seal Beach as well.

  2. Like Billy, sending good vibes yall's way (sorry about the Texan slang).

  3. Thanks for the good juju everyone. I feel like I just recovered from my 2-months of downtime due to piriformis tendonitis (Aug-Sept) and now another nasty injury. I hate this. Seriously. I took the elevator at work today and felt like the biggest weenie - but then did a good weight workout and an hour on the spin bike (seated) to burn some of my gonna drink wine calories.